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Measure Spoon

Tablespoon 15cc
Teaspoon 5cc
Cup 200cc

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Recipe's condiments Shimeji mushrooms
Age-Soba Shiitake mushrooms
Sliced pork Carrots
Bamboo shoots Shrimp / Scallop
Hakusai Corn starch

Nagasaki- sara-udon is crispy noodles covered with meat, seafood and vegetables.


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Recipe & Recipe's condiments
10  Chuka-broth  [?] (water + powder)
1  Sake [?] 
a little  Grated ginger and garlic
a little  Salt / Ground white pepper
a little  Sesame oil


If you are using dry shiitake, soak it in water until soft.
Cut all vegetables into small size.
Boil bamboo shoots for about 2 minutes and put in cold water.
Heat frying pan in medium heat and add a tea spoon full of vegetable oil. Add grated garlic and ginger in the pan and fry them.
Add the pork in the pan and stir fry until it is brown in high flame.
Add the shrimp, scallop in the pan and sprinkle salt and white pepper.
Stir fry them in high flame.
Add all vegetables into the pan and stir fry them.
Add recipe's sake and chuka-dashi into pan and boil.
Add a small amount of sesame oil and salt.
Add the dissolved cornstarch and thicken the sauce.
Put the crispy noodle (Age-soba) on the dish.
Pour the stuff over the crispy noodle.




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